5 Ways to Stop Food Pushers


When I started my health journey, the amount of food pushed on me was outrageous. I was sick, I was depressed, I had PCOS, I had irritable bowel syndrome, I had acid reflux, I weighed 165 pounds on my short frame. I wanted to feel happy, I wanted to feel well, but sadly no one seemed to respect my decision.

I’m not sure if food pushers are afraid of being alone with their addictions to food, or if they feared I would change and no longer be the same person. Maybe it is both. I told them I was still the same person despite not eating the pie ala mode, but in reality, I wasn’t the same person. I DID change, I changed for the better! I became more confident, more independent, more athletic. I changed for the good!

Food pushers come in many forms. Some food pushers just love to give gifts of food, some food pushers don’t want you to change, some food pushers do not want to eat the pie ala mode alone. No matter what form of food pusher you are dealing with, I wanted to give you a few tips on how to kindly stop the food pushers.

1. Tell them the truth.

I found it interesting that despite my diagnosis of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), close family members would nag me about getting pregnant, yet nag me about not eating the pie. THE PIE WAS CAUSING MY INFERTILITY! I was too ashamed of my diagnosis, I never told anyone except my husband. I should have told them the truth. I should have told them that we were trying to have children, but I have PCOS which is caused by excess carbohydrates, sugar and caffeine. That most likely would have stopped a lot of the food pushing.

2. Play Defense

Come to family gatherings or parties with friends armed and ready! Bring your favorite keto dessert and flip the switch! When they come at you with food, kindly offer them your keto dessert! This way you are more empowered to say no to temptation because you have a delicious yet safe dessert to enjoy.

3. Be Blunt

If you have a food pusher in your life that is outright disrespecting you time and time again, tell them this: “If I were an alcoholic, trying to cut alcohol, would you bring me a martini?” No, they wouldn’t! When someone is trying to cut harmful things like alcohol or cigarettes, people are very respectful and encouraging. However, when someone is trying to change their diet, it is almost a game to try to get you to fail.

4. Lie

Yep lie. I was 16 when I had the diagnosis of PCOS. I knew I needed to cut carbohydrates and sugar, but it was hard with all of the family gatherings, weddings and holidays to all of the sudden be the girl who brought all the desserts to never eating them. I just lied. I had an aunt with Celiac Disease (a gluten allergy). So, I lied and said I had it too. This stopped a lot of food pushing because in 1996, no one really knew what gluten was or what contained gluten. Sure, it was a lie, but it avoided a lot of awkward conversations about how sick I actually was.

5. Educate

Educating food pushers can be a tough one. Even though my family knows how many clients I have helped with their kidney stones, diabetes, heart disease, migraines, acid reflux, blood pressure, thyroid issues, getting OFF medication for all of these illnesses, I still don’t talk about it unless they ask for my help. I don’t want to be a nag. HOWEVER, if someone is always nagging you about your food choices, educate them. Maybe suggest they watch Fat Head, The Truth About Sugar, The Magic Pill.

Take Away Message

It isn’t a bad thing to enjoy delicious food. Food is pleasure, food is love, food should also be nourishing and that is why I love writing recipes that you all can enjoy foods while fueling your body in a healthy way!  My goal is for you to fall in love with ketogenic foods so that you can not only nourish your soul but also nourish your body. The ketogenic lifestyle isn’t a diet to me nor my family. It is a way of life. We enjoy feeling this amazing, so we never want to veer away from the ketogenic foods. Never are we tempted my traditional mashed potatoes or breads. I think the main reason we are never tempted is because I am always on the hunt for new and exotic ways to make ketogenic foods become comforting.

“”Hi Maria, I’ve lost 235 lbs with probably another 20-40 lbs to lose. Having the mindset of this is my forever way of eating has helped me.” – Twila