Pili Nut Hunters Giveaway

Have you ever tried a Pili Nut? They are mind-blowing!!!!

Pili Nuts RULE! Not only do they taste like a crunchy buttery mouthful of goodness, they also are only ONE gram of TOTAL carb per ounce!  For true keto weight-loss success you need to count total carbs, do not get caught up in counting “net” carbs.

I often get asked what they can eat while traveling and Pili Nuts is something that we always have packed in our suitcase! Even this past month when we flew to Maui, I packed the NEW flavor Pili Nuts fried in avocado oil in my carry on. You can never count on healthy options at the airport or a flight so I always pack great keto snack options like Pili Nut Hunters!

I had the great opportunity to meet Jason who is the owner of Pili Nut Hunters!

Jason is the nicest man and my family instantly adored him!

I love how much Jason cares about not only making the healthiest keto snack options for all of us, but he is really passionate about taking extra special care of his employees that do the hard job of gathering the Pili Nuts! Believe me! They are very difficult to open!

And on my kayak trips in the summer, I always have a bag of Pili Nut Hunters with me (the bag is waterproof in case I tip over)!

I like to tell my clients to count carbs like a game of golf! The lowest score WINS! A whole bag of Pili nuts is only 1g total carbs!!!!

I use Pili Nuts in a lot of recipes now too!

They make a great crunchy addition to my:

Kung Pao Meatballs,

Kung Pao Chicken,

Chicken Satay Sauce (instead of peanuts)!

aswell as my French Toast Porridge!



If you would like to WIN Pili Nuts, Jason is SO generous, he is graciously donating a box for a lucky winner!

1. Like my Keto private Facebook group called KETO.

2. Follow me on Instagram @mariaemmerich and @pilihunters

3. Comment below on how the keto diet has helped you or a loved one!

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Good Luck! Winner will be chosen December 5th!

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